When released in the mid 1900's,

The Vectair oven revolutionised the baking industry with the following combination of advantages

Ardent Engineering have partnered with 1944 established industry-leader Tom Chandley Bakery Engineers, who bring decades of experience in manufacturing quality bakery ovens from their plant in the heart of the UK Northern Powerhouse, Manchester.

Our Oven

We have added some features necessary to meet current safety legislation, increase the efficiency and make the The Baker's Mate® Vectair oven easier to install and maintain.


The Baker's Mate® Vectair oven is compact, for a footprint of only 1.2 square metres, it is possible to bake twelve 18" x 30" standard baking trays loaded with pies, pasties, cakes or any other pastry products.


Unique to The Baker's Mate® Vectair oven is a character 'perfectly even' bake, as described by all of the craft bakers we have surveyed.


The Baker's Mate® Vectair oven is exceptionally efficient, the fuel gas consumption for the 18-tray variant is only half of the limit specified in the British Standard for bakery ovens.


The Vectair oven is so hardy, even some of those built in the 1950's are still delivering perfectly baked pastry produce. This means that the Baker's Mate® Vectair oven is a tangible asset that will hold its value so well, it may only be second to your business' property in terms of depreciation.

Inverter-drive technology

All our ovens now use a Single phase supply from a standard 13Amp socket outlet.  Inverter drive technology however, allows us to use a three-phase motor, retaining the low-noise and efficiency benefits.  As a result, we've also been able to make the fan direct-drive, so belt failure cannot interrupt your baking operation where continuity of service is paramount.

Digital Controller

A simple digital controller provides precise control and display of the oven temperature, a separate programmable timer provides time control.

Natural Gas or LPG compatible

The Baker's Mate® Vectair oven can be fuelled by G20 Natural (aka 'mains') Gas, or LPG G31 Propane (aka Calor) Gas. The oven can be fuelled by most other hydrocarbon fuels, but would be non-standard model - contact us to discuss your requirements.